Business In A Bucket, Institute – B.I.B.I., is a nonprofit organization that works to develop entrepreneurial young leaders that are highly interested and engaged in advocating youth preparedness through entrepreneurship. Our organization is geared in hopes of empowering young teens to make effective and positive business choices, to learn about business and to be self-sufficient. Our organization indicates bye-bye to poverty, drugs, gangs, violence, underachievement woes, unemployment rates and all those things that hinder a community, as well as for youth to flourish in their life.

We’re excited about helping the young teens beat the odds and are very enthused to empower and bring our leadership to our youth and inner-city residents. Young people are capable of playing an important role in the business community and have the unique potential to help their communities to be effective in growing the economy. At times like these when jobs are few and idle minds can be dangerous, it’s good to have a program around that will keep kids busy.

Business in a Bucket® is a program designed to help youth from a present and future mindset for business, in school many are taught theory about business but with Business in a Bucket® they will learn practical application about what is involved in running an operating a business. B.I.B.I can allow a person male or female to immediately create an income for themselves, given our Entrepreneurship training model among key target audiences.

Here at the Business in a Bucket, Institute-BiBi we are dedicated to teaching people, young and old, and from all walks of life to support themselves and earn an honest living. We regularly hold seminars in schools teaching young ones the ins and outs of the auto detail business and help the students to learn the necessary work ethics for succeeding as an entrepreneur. At the end of the session each student receives a personal Business in a Bucket® to take home with them so they can start using their new skills immediately!

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